Webinar: Evaluation for Transformational Change

On 7 April 2020 UNICEF Evaluation Office, EVALSDGs and IDEAS hosted a Webinar on “Evaluation for Transformational Change”. The webinar was based on IDEAS’s recently published book “Evaluation for Transformational Change: Opportunities and challenges for the Sustainable Development Goals” of which the webinar speakers Rob D. van den Berg and Cristina Magro are editors of.

The purpose of this book is to present essays about what needs to be done by evaluators and evaluations to transition from a focus on projects and programmes to a focus on evaluating how transformational change for the Sustainable Development Goals can be supported and strengthened.

Watch the full video recording of the webinar here:


About the speakers

Rob D. van den Berg, President of IDEAS

Rob D. van den Berg’s second term as President of the International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) ends on 1 April 2020. He is Visiting Professor at King’s College, London, as well as a member of the Advisory Council of Wilton Park. He serves as Chair of the Advisory Group on Evaluation and Learning of the Climate Investment Funds at the World Bank.

He has had a long career in international development, first at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, where from 1999-2004 he was Director of the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department. From 2004-2014 he was Director of the Independent Evaluation Office of the Global Environment Facility at the World Bank in Washington DC. He has been involved in the DAC Evaluation Network, which he chaired from 2002-2004, and the Evaluation Cooperation Group of the multilateral banks, as well as the UN Evaluation Group.

Rob has published more than 25 articles and chapters and co-edited five books, on subjects ranging from the history of development to research funding and evaluation issues, especially in the light of sustainable development.

Cristina Magro, Secretary-General at IDEAS

Cristina Magro has a PhD in Language Sciences, is an IPDET graduate and is certified in Institutional Assessment by the Brazilian MoE. For 26 years she has been a professor at UFMG, an associate professor, visiting scholar and researcher at various institutions in Brazil and abroad. As a Senior Education Expert Consultant, she worked in Timor-Leste under the World Bank and UNICEP contracts; in the Brazilian government evaluating Universities and Faculties and the Observatory of Education; and in the private sector, as an associate professor at Dom Cabral Foundation and Academic Dean at Pitagoras Group. She has authored several pieces, alone or in partnership. She is currently the Secretary for IDEAS.


Webinar: Evaluation for Transformational Change
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