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Learn more about EVALSDGs’ Co- and Vice-Chairs.

Denis Jobin


Senior Evaluation Specialist, UNICEF

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Denis has more than 22 years of experience in the fields of program evaluation, performance measurement and performance audit, and a rich understanding of governments and United Nations’ needs; he is currently a Senior Evaluation Specialist in the Evaluation Office of UNICEF and since 2010 Chief of PME and field coordination of UNICEF Nigeria.

Denis has also worked for Canadian federal organizations, including the Office of the Auditor General. He was a freelance consultant in the field of Result Based Management and evaluation, including Impact Evaluation. He contributed to and/or authored several international publications and reports focused on evaluation, Evaluation Capacity, Impact Evaluation and related subjects.

Kassem El Saddik

Co-chair EVALSDGs

Independent Program Evaluator

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Kassem El Saddik is an international expert in program evaluation who believes that evaluation matters for development. With more than 18 years of experience, Kassem has led and provided consulting services to various complex programs throughout North America, the Middle East, Africa, including fragile and conflict-affected environments.

In addition to his track-record in building the national institutional capacities for evaluation, Kassem is credited for his deep engagement in civil society. He is a founder and board member of the MENA Evaluation Network and the Lebanese Evaluation Society. He has contributed to various evaluation forums, drafted dozens of policy reviews and co-authored the series of EVALSDGs/IIED policy briefs.

Florence Etta

Vice co-chair EVALSDGs

CEO and Principal Consultant at GRAIDE International Consultants Ltd.

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Florence Etta is CEO and Principal Consultant with GRAIDE International Consultants Limited (GiC Ltd), Nigeria. Before joining international development practice with International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in Senegal and Nairobi, Florence spent 16 years as a lecturer and researcher in Nigerian Higher Education institutions. She continues to consult for a handful of international development agencies including UNIDO, UNECA, CLEAR-AA, Twende Mbele with GIC Ltd.

Florence is a member of the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) for which she served as the 6th President and the Africa Gender & Development Evaluators Network (AGDEN). She has also been active in EVALSDGs, EVALGender+ and EvalIndigenous since 2015 and was elected to the position of co-vice Chair EVALSDGs in July 2020.

Mariia Matsepa

Vice co-chair EVALSDGs

Evaluation Specialist, UNICEF

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Mariia joined UNICEF 2020 as a Multi-Country Evaluation Specialist covering Djibouti, Algeria, and the UNICEF Gulf Countries, managing evaluations in Djibouti, the Gulf and assisting with evaluations in Algeria 2020-2021 (with the Djibouti evaluation receiving an exceptional rating). In 2022, she started a new assignment as Multi-Country Evaluation Specialist for Morocco, Tunisia, Djibouti and Algeria.

Maria has been engaged in capacity building events in the KSA and Djibouti, with the emerging local Evaluation Association. She is passionate about capacity building of national counterparts in evaluation, as well as raising the level of evaluation country (targeting Ministry of Education in 2022 in Djibouti). Her dream in evaluation is to ethically use big data as one of evaluation’s quantitative sources.

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