HLPF 2020 Side Event: SDGs Evaluations towards Transformative Pathways

UNICEF, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, IIED and EVALSDGs hosted an online side event on 9 July 2020 at the 2020 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development on the theme

National SDG evaluations drive accelerated action for sustainable development –
use of evaluation for key signposts towards transformative pathways

Watch the recording here:



  • George Laryea-Adjei, Director of Evaluation, UNICEF
  • Anu Saxén, Head, Development Evaluation Unit, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • Stefano D’Errico, Head of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, IIED
  • Kassem El Saddik, Co-Chair EVALSDGs
  • Abdoulaye Gounou, Head, Bureau of Public Policy Evaluation, Presidency, Benin
  • Teertha Raj Dhakal, Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Nepal


UNICEF with significant global evaluation stakeholders, other UN agencies and leading countries in evaluation are actively driving national evaluation capacity development and national SDGs evaluation. Great strides have been made in engaging national and global decision makers in demanding evidence through evaluation to focus attention on critical aspects of SDG implementation. Many countries are now pursuing national evaluations for the SDGs and towards ensuring no-one is left behind. Evaluation plays a key role in embedding the SDGs into government agendas and its own unique set of challenges. Evaluation is crucial in assessing value, worth and merit of national SDG-related policies, plans and results and can generate recommendations on how, in what direction and how fast to drive change to achieve the SDGs. In crisis contexts, evaluations can contribute towards agility in response, re-routing strategies towards the most relevant SDGs and adjusting resources with a focus on the most marginalized.



HLPF 2020 Side Event: SDGs Evaluations towards Transformative Pathways
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